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Mail Sender Deluxe is very easy to use, send personalized newsletters and bulk email to your customers and users! Just choose your recipients, write your mail and click Send! You can quickly import recipients from databases, Excel, text files, or enter them manually. Mail Sender Deluxe is a powerful email management software that empowers businesses to effectively manage and send their email campaigns. Whether you need to send newsletters, promotional emails, or important updates to your clients and subscribers, Mail Sender Deluxe offers a comprehensive set of features to simplify the process and maximize the impact of your messages.

Mail Sender

Boost Your Email Efficiency with Mail Sender Deluxe - The Ultimate Tool for Streamlined Communication! Try it Now!

Bulk Email Sender Deluxe - Google Workspace Email For Your Business Marketing Automation


$ 35 /One Time
➡️ Send emails quickly and easily! Each recipient will get their own email, and won’t see who else the email is sent to.
➡️ Send personalized emails! You can insert recipient fields such as “First Name” or “Country” into your email.
➡️ Easily import recipients from text files, CSV files and Excel spreadsheets.
➡️ Supports import recipients from ODBC databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Access and MySQL.
➡️ Supports sending email using SMTP server, DNS Send, Pickup Service and Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).
➡️ Use the powerful WYSIWYG editor to easily create your HTML emails.
Setup pausing to accommodate the email sending to your SMTP server’s limits.
Send email using multiple connections, maximizing the speed.

G Suite - Business Starter

$ 7.25 /per month
➡️ 30GB Cloud Storage
➡️ Smart inbox by Gmail
➡️ Collaborate using Docs, Sheets, Slides & more
➡️ Google Chats & Google Meet(for video call)
➡️ Basic security & Admin controls
➡️ 99.99% uptime guarantee
High inbox delivery rate
Standard Endpoint device management for account security
Instant Setup
Self Management
24/7 Customer Support
Easy to use